Locking up

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Diagram showing switches and security items.
(Download original SVG)


The following must be done when locking-up.

  1. Ensure the back door in the workshop is closed
  2. The members room door must be pulled shut.
  3. The members project box area door must be pulled shut.
  4. Inner main door must be taken off the latch.
  5. Padlock must be replaced on outer main door, as usual.

See the diagram for locations.


  • There is a propane heater that is often used on Wednesday evenings, especially in winter. It has no fixed location in the hackspace. It is important that this is turned off as it is expensive to run and most dangerous if left running (CO & fire risk). It will need to be left with the fan running for a few minutes after the burner has been switched off.
  • There is a convection heater in the workshop next to the laser bench.
  • There is also sometimes a small electric fan heater (50p per hour) that has no fixed location in the hackspace.


There are several main light switches around the space. Additionally, after an open evening, there are usually several other lights, lamps and lit decorations that will also need to be turned off.

main light switch
chest-level plug socket
floor-level plug socket

See the diagram for the locations of switches.