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| nh/gk/Keypad || ||
| nh/gk/Keypad || ||
| nh/gk/DoorButton || ||
| nh/gk/DoorButton || OUTER|INNER|REAR payloads for different doors || Each should create a different tone
| nh/gk/RFID || ||
| nh/gk/RFID || ||

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This is the list of MQTT Topics that are use by the various HackSpace Instrumentation projects.

All topics should be prefixed with "nh/"


All clients should subscribe to the topic and listen for the message "STATUS"
Clients should respond with there name and status.

Three states

  • Restart:
  • Running:
  • Terminated:

ie. "Running: MatrixMQTT"

Include the : and a space before the clients name,

Current list of clients

  • MatrixMQTT
  • Gatekeeper (arduino)
  • nh-irccat
  • nh-irc
  • nh-matrix
  • GateKeeper (process)
  • nh-gk-if
  • nh-irc-misc

The status of all running clients is logged and reported here


Topic Description Notes
nh/gk/DoorButton INNER|REAR payloads for different doors Each should create a different tone


Topic Description Notes
nh/mb/tx nh-matrix script transmits messages to be displayed
nh/mb/rx confirmation of displayed message is returned to nh-matrix
nh/mb/Status deprecated in MattrixMQTT 004 but still used via nh-matrix

IRC Bot: nh-holly

Living in #nottinghack on freenode, nh-holly is our MQTT to IRC bridge

Topic Description Notes
nh/irc/tx Sends to the default #nottinghack channel
nh/irc/tx/nottinghack Sends to the #nottinghack channel
nh/irc/tx/pm/<nick> Sends a pm to <nick>
nh/irc/rx/nottinghack/<nick> Incoming message from irc #nottinghack channel
nh/irc/rx/pm/<nick> Incoming pm from irc user <nick>

@Holly533MHz: nh-twitter

Twitter to MQTT bridge

Topic Description Notes
nh/twitter/rx/dm/<screen_name DM to @Holly533Mhz from <Screen_name>
nh/twitter/rx/mention/<screen_name> mention of @Holly533Mhz by <screen_name>
nh/twitter/rx/hs latest tweet from @HSNOTTS includes retweets payload <screen_name>:<text>


Readings from DS18B20 1-Wire digital temperature sensors around the space are published every 2.5 minutes.
Message format as follows

address Hex string 16 long
temp Float 00.00


LLAP message format
12 Char's

  • a start character
  • XX Device ID
  • DDDDDDDDD message

more detail can be found here:-

Payload for MQTT message is upto 9byte's, the message part of LLAP, padding is automatically added and striped.
nh/xrf/?x/NO HELLO

Topic Description Notes
nh/xrf/tx/XX Send out a LLAP message XX is DEVID
nh/xrf/rx/XX LLAP message received XX is DEVID

Lighting Automation

For more details see Lighting Automation/Control Software Note messages on nh/li/state/# should be set to retained. So new clients subscribing can retrieve the current state with out polling.

Topic Description Notes
nh/li/set/ROOM/ZONE Lighting Command ROOM is one of the pre defined rooms ZONE within a ROOM and payload is COMMAND
nh/li/state/ROOM/ZONE Lighting State Retained Topic! ROOM is one of the pre defined rooms ZONE within a ROOM and payload is Curent STATE