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|9||Rob H||Friday||Monday||Albatross / 8||Need Lift||??
|9||Rob H||Friday||Monday||Albatross / 8||Need Lift||??
|10||James F||Friday||Monday||Rooms Inn||Rental Car||Nottinghack
|10||James F||Friday||Monday||Rooms Inn||Captain of the Enterprise (Rental Car)||Nottinghack
|11||Michelle S||Friday||Monday||Rooms Inn||James F Pax#1||Nottinghack
|11||Michelle S||Friday||Monday||Rooms Inn||Enterprise||Nottinghack
|12||Jake H||Friday||Sunday||Jurys Inn||With Hannah||Nottinghack
|12||Jake H||Friday||Sunday||Jurys Inn||With Hannah||Nottinghack

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The weekend of 27th - 28th April 2013 is the UK Maker Faire, held at the Centre for Life in Newcastle. Lots of Nottinghackers are going!

There will be a Nottinghack table and a UK Hackspaces Foundation table that you can volunteer at. Unless you are volunteering at one of these, you will need to buy a ticket.

Lots of us will be going from the Friday until the Monday.


  • The Jury's Inn is just across the road.
  • The Albatross hostel is a short walk away to the north-east.
  • The Rooms Inn is a short walk away to the west.

Members and Transport

No. Member Getting there Leaving Staying Transport Helping with/Paying
1 Dominic Friday Monday Premier Inn (Quayside) Driving van UK Hackspace Foundation
2 James H Friday Monday Albatross / 8 Driving (car, three seats available) UK Hackspace Foundation
3 Gill Friday Monday Premier Inn (Quayside) Dominic's van UK Hackspace Foundation
4 Kate Friday Monday Sleeperz Need Lift Nottinghack
5 Dr Matt Friday Monday Albatross / 8 Driving (car, four seats available) ??
6 Reprap Matt Friday Monday Albatross / 8 Need Lift (James H's Car) Nottinghack
7 Michael E Friday Monday Albatross / 8 Need Lift (SHOTGUN! w/Doc - invalid) Any
8 David H Friday Monday Albatross / 8 Need Lift Not sure. Probably UK hackspaces.
9 Rob H Friday Monday Albatross / 8 Need Lift ??
10 James F Friday Monday Rooms Inn Captain of the Enterprise (Rental Car) Nottinghack
11 Michelle S Friday Monday Rooms Inn Enterprise Nottinghack
12 Jake H Friday Sunday Jurys Inn With Hannah Nottinghack
13 Hannah H Friday Sunday Jurys Inn Driving (from Alfreton) Nottinghack
14 Martin R ?? ?? ?? Driving (from Leicester) 365 Laser Cuts (Paternity Permitting)
15 Andrew A Friday Sunday Jurys Inn Need Lift The National Museum of Computing / Nottinghack
16 Mouse Friday Monday ?? Need Lift ??