Maker Faire 2015

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The weekend of 25th - 26th April 2015 is the UK Maker Faire, held at the Centre for Life in Newcastle.

There will be a Nottingham Hackspace table you can volunteer at. Unless you are volunteering, you will need to buy a ticket.

Many people choose to go up on Friday and come back on Monday.


There are plenty of hotels around the area.

Here's a Google Map of them.

Members Going

Member Getting there Leaving Staying Transport Helping with/Paying Pass?
Kate Friday Monday TBD TBD Volunteering/Organising
'RepRap' Matt Friday Monday TBD TBD Volunteering/Organising
Matt Little Friday Monday TBD TBD Volunteering/Organising
Sophie Friday Saturday Night Travelodge Car - no space for people but space for things Volunteering/Organising
Adam C Friday Saturday Night Travelodge Car Volunteering/Organising
Toby Jackson Friday Sunday TBD Own Car. Some space Volunteering/Organising
James Fowkes Friday Monday TBD No Car Volunteering/Organising



Car # Driver Spaces Available Spaces left Room for projects? Going Returning to Nottingham Room for stuff?


Project Description/Notes Maker
Knitting Patterns Examples (one shawl, pair of fingerless gloves, and a toy skull) and free patterns to give out Kate
Water Tribe Shawl Shawl Kate
LED Knitting Needles Light-up acrylic knitting needles Kate
Scrolling LED display Umm.... a scrolling LED display Matt/Jake
The Marvellous Booze Fogger Quest Item, will run alcoholic and non... Toby