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| [http://www.katebolin.com Kate Bolin] || # || [http://twitter.com/Katemonkey Katemonkey]
| [http://www.katebolin.com Kate Bolin] || # || [http://twitter.com/Katemonkey Katemonkey]
| [[User:Rave|Kai Pays]] || [http://www.instructables.com/member/Ravepants Ravepants] || [http://twitter.com/Ravepants Ravepants]
| [[User:Rave|Rave]] || No thanks ||
| [[User:Marcus|Marcus]] || No thanks || [https://twitter.com/kmqz kmqz]
| [[User:Marcus|Marcus]] || No thanks || [https://twitter.com/kmqz kmqz]

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See New Members for useful introductory information
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Some of our members have chosen to list themselves below (alphabetical by first name):

Name Instructables Username Twitter Username
Adam Hillson SlackR84
Andrew Thorpe pyroka pyroka
Benjamin Crowe BnE BnE_C
Chris Cain - -
Daniel Martin spyclub spyclub
Dan Spencer - -
Daniel Swann -drs- ds1111_
David Hayward nachimir nachimir
Dominic Morrow ChickenGrylls ChickenGrylls
David Clarke - -
Eriw Preston - WanderingPyro
Gareth W TharrickLawson
Jake Howe gmjhowe gmjhowe
Ian Davis - -
Ian Dickinson - iandickinson
Ian Evans - ideacrystals
James Fowkes ? fowkc
James Hayward purplegecko geeksareforlife
James Taylor - aelian_text
Jared Allen Jaz_Allen Jaz_Allen
Jason Baxter Rahlon Rahlon
John Crouchley jcrouchley jcrouchley
Jon - -
Justin Stokes jnfsystems @justin_jnf
Kate Bolin # Katemonkey
Rave No thanks
Marcus No thanks kmqz
Matt Little chunkyhampton ChunkyHampton
Matt Lloyd lwk dpslwk
Michael Erskine msemtd msemtd
Michael Procter ? _mhp_
Michelle Strickland Nope mellchie
Matt Pritchard - -
Matthew Walton - maw
Rob Haywood N/A @robbyteback
Ross Fowkes Rossaluss @rossaluss
Russell Jenkins No thanks @jenkinsfearn
Shane Fullwood N/A @PathfinderGoods
Tasos Avgoustidis - -
Tony Shannon sleepyuk ShannonTony
Tom Gwynne NondoX NondoX
Steve Barnett - -
Andy Collins - -
Seb Price - -
Massimiliano Cavallin - awambawamb

See also

  • Teams - look after specific aspects of the space
  • Trustees - look after governance, co-ordination and legal aspects of the space