Michael's Microcontroller List

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Name Specs Notes
Minumus AVR USB_V1 Atmel 90USB 162 Full-sized USB plug, Makes excellent keyboard/joypad HID device
Wemos LoLin ESP8266MOD Wider that the NodeMCU
LPC-Expresso Not touched in years - got playing with the wired ethernet and a tiny TCP/IP stack.
Sparkfun Pro Micro MEGA32U4 Made a bunch of USB HID joysticks - still have a few left
Arduino Mega 2560 R3 ATMEGA2560 All-purpose go-to when loads of I/O needed
Arduino Due ATSAM3x8E Mega layout but 3.3v ARM device - very capable - fast timers
NodeMCU Amica ESP8266MOD AI-Thinker CP2102 serial, Wifi device - use Arduino core