Michael's Microcontroller List

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Name Specs Notes
Minumus AVR USB_V1 Atmel 90USB 162 Full-sized USB plug, Makes excellent keyboard/joypad HID device
Wemos LoLin ESP8266MOD Wider that the NodeMCU
LPC-Expresso Not touched in years - got playing with the wired ethernet and a tiny TCP/IP stack.
Sparkfun Pro Micro MEGA32U4 Made a bunch of USB HID joysticks - still have a few left
Arduino Mega 2560 R3 ATMEGA2560 All-purpose go-to when loads of I/O needed
Arduino Due ATSAM3x8E Mega layout but 3.3v ARM device - very capable - fast timers
NodeMCU v1.0 ESP8266MOD AI-Thinker CP2102 serial, Wifi device - use Arduino core, https://github.com/nodemcu/nodemcu-devkit-v1.0
Doc Little's Dataduino Datalogging to SD card
Ciseco xino basic for Atmel 328P with UNO bootloader Datalogging to SD card
Arduino UNO
Tin Arduino bare 328P on tiny perfboard Own design. For TV-Duino demos
Paperduino bare 328P on cardboard For demos
Pi-duino bare 328P on pi hat Own design. Full duplex serial comms with Pi
Makey-Makey Won from an Intructables challenge. Aaron has it!
Arduino Micro Bought cheap from Maplins when they messed up pricing!
Mouse's Cheeseboard Awesome build from Hackspace workshop!
Wireless Orb 1.1 Awesome build from Roger Light's surface-mount Hackspace workshop!