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This was a pledge to bid in an online auction for a used mig welder for the space. The welder is an ESAB Mig 510 with a Feed 304. Due to a runaway price on the original machine, the bid was switched to an ESAB law 500 with 12 minutes left.

This machine was won for £360. Bidspotter put a 15% buyer's premium on it, and there is 20% tax to pay as well so the total bill is expected to be £496.80 Everybody's pledge has been adjusted down to reflect the actual price.

Specs (note it's a 500W with voltage and current readouts):

Base Unit

Wire Feeder

List of pledges

MIG LAW500W at acution.jpg

Please only post on the Google Group mailing list if you really, truly have forgotten your HMS password and need to have someone else to update this.

Who How Much Paid? Method Paid Original Pledge
James B £50 Yes Xfer 20/12 PLEDGEMIG-JB (Confirmed) £50
'RepRap' Matt £60 Yes Xfer 16/12 PLEDGEMIG-ML (Confirmed) £60
Chris Cain £41.40 Yes Bank Xfer (Confirmed) £50
Mouse £15.00 Yes Xfer 18/12 PLEDGEMIG-MNG (Confirmed) £15
Andrew Walters £20.70 Yes PLEDGEMIG-AW (Confirmed) £25
Kirsty L £10 Yes (Confirmed) £10
Phil Parry £8.28 Yes Bank xfer (ref PLEDGEMIG-PCP) (Confirmed) £10
Tasos £28.98 Yes Bank Xfer 21/12 (ref PLEDGEMIGAA) (Confirmed) £35
Ian Davis £20.00 Yes Bank Xfer (Confirmed) £20
Matt Little £20 Yes Bank Xfer 11/1/17 Ref PLEDGEMIG-MEL (Confirmed) £20
Jayen Pancholi £16.56 Yes Bank Xfer (confirmed) £20
Tom Grover £30 Yes -- (Confirmed) £30
Paul Meynell £20 Yes (Confirmed) £20
Rob Hunt £12.42 No -- £15
Javi £20 Yes Xfer 23/12 (Confirmed) £20
Ian D £25.00 Yes PLEDGEMIG-ID2 22/12/16 (Confirmed) £25
Howard Smith £12.42 No -- £15
Bob Wood £8.28 Yes Xfer (Confirmed) £10
Hackspace £150 Yes -- £150