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This page is intended to be a central point for people to post 'item lost' and 'found it' messages regarding tools and materials at the Hackspace, in the same way as the 'These are things I find awesome' thread on the mailing list.

Please post brief details of missing items, and straightforward 'broken - thrown away', 'I borrowed it - will return' replies rather than getting bogged down by chatter.

October 2016 - all bar one of the heavy hole saws missing from drawers. No arbor available for newly-donated ones.

Step Drill. From the multi-drawer tools cabinets. Taken with it's clear plastic package, which is often discarded on a bench when this tool is used. The fact that neither the tool nor the package can be found suggests that it has been taken for use elsewhere.

Magnetic bit holders for cordless drills.

Stanley Knives. 2 new ones purchased last October 2014 have vanished, leaving old, rubbishy-ones behind.

Countersink drill bits. Consumable, yes, but too many have vanished too quickly.

Fake iPod Mini, purple - was used with the Stereogram - went walkabouts about a month ago - has good music on it! --Michael Erskine (talk) 07:40, 7 December 2012 (EST)

Bike Tools - see Bike tools - many have gone missing? Too enthusiastic cleaning up for the open day?

Bobbin case for Singer sewing machine

Large arbor for holesaws plus the special 'holesaw allen-key'

Monodex sheet-metal cutter

One of the four cordless drills