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Current lathe inductions last about 3hours.
During which you will make your very own plumb bob from 100mm of aluminium bar.
After a basic safety briefing, introduction to the parts of the lathe and maintenance pointers, it's all hands on.
We cover most of the basic lathe skills including:-

  • Mounting work
  • Facing
  • Drilling
  • Turning
  • Thread Tapping
  • Turning a Tapper


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Sign Up

# Name Paid When Complete
1 James Yes 14/12/11 Yes
2 MichaelP Yes 21/12/11 Yes
3 Michael E NO ??? NO
4 David YES 15/01/12 YES
5 Jake NO ??? NO
6 Iain NO ??? No
7 Matt Little NO ??? YES
8 Joe D NO 21/10/12 YES
9 Mouse YES 11/11/12 YES
10 Lionel NO ??? NO
11 MarkP NO ??? NO
12 Kai NO ??? NO
13 James F NO ??? NO
14 Gazz NO ??? NO
15 Ian D No TBA No
16 Steve B No TBA No
17 Michelle No TBA No
x (who) NO (when) NO