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As recommended to us before, a few of us have been eyeing up Myford lathes:

They were made here in Beeston decades ago. We had a pledge drive in January that floundered because we were in a tiny space. Now we have a big hackspace, it's doing pretty well, and some of us think it's lathe-o'clock.

We're apparently in a position where we can almost afford one, and if we had pledges for the last £150 - £200 or so, we definitely could. After some chatter, members on Twitter immediately started pledging, here's the list so far:


Who How Much Paid Method Paid
James H £20
Dominic £20
Tony £10
David H £15
Iain S £30
Michael E £20
Michael P £50
RepRap Matt £15
Spencer £10
Tom £10
Joe £10 Paid Bank transfer
James F £20
Mark £20
Totals £250 £0