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#REDIRECT [[:Category:Network]]
=Network Layout=
This page will show the network topology & proposals for network expansion / modification.<br/>
'''This is images is outdated'''--[[User:Lwk|&#39;RepRap&#39; Matt]] 11:21, 23 February 2012 (EST)
[[File:Hackspace_network_26-02.jpg|800px|thumb|none|alt=A |Hackspace Network]]
External IP address
External domain address [http://lspace.nottinghack.org.uk lspace.nottinghack.org.uk] (DNS record looked after by [[User:Lwk|'RepRap' Matt]])<br/>
== Static & Reserved IP's ==
Currently the network runs on
The following ranges are reserved for there given purpose
{| class="wikitable"
! Start
! End
! Purpose
| || || [[#Kryten|kryten]] The Main Router
| || || Static Servers
| || || Static Computers
| || || Static Webcams
| || || openVPN DHCP pool
| || || Static [[HackSpace_Instrumentation|HackSpace Instrumentation]]
| || || Static Printers
| || || DHCP Range
| || || Broadcast
These are assigned via DHCP/MAC using [[#Kryten|Kryten]] or set statically on the device
{| class="wikitable"
! IP
! DNS Name
! Notes
| || [[#Kryten|Kryten]] || Router
| || [[Holly|Holly]] || Our always on server
| || [[Joshua|Joshua]] || Our "playful" games server
| || [[JARVIS]] || Sandbox Debian VM open for all members
| || [[Rommie]] || HMS Development VM
| || [[Collective]] || ESXi Management Server
| || [[Collective#vCMA|vCMA]] || VMware vCenter Mobile Access runnning under  [[Collective]]
| || [[Holly|HollyVM]] || Holly VM running under [[Collective]]
| || [[YooCNC|yoocnc]] || YooCNC desktop
| || [[Webcams|studiocam]] || Pan/Tilt Studio webcam
| || [[Gatekeeper|gatekeeper]] || Access Control nanode
| || [[LED_Matrix|MatrixMQTT]] || BIG LED Matrix Display nanode
| || [[Vending_Machine|Vending Machine]] || RFID cashless payment
| || [[Mini-matrix|Mini-matrix]] || Blue room mini-matrix display
| || [[Wall of Faces]] || Wall of members faces
| || [[#Marvin|marvin]] || A4 Laser Printer
| || [[#Clank|Clank]] || A3 Laser Printer
| || [[#B4|B4]] || A4 InkJet with Scanner
== External Port Routing ==
{| class="wikitable"
! Service
! External Port
! Internal Port
! Internal IP
! Notes
| HTTP || 80 || 80 || || Webserver on [[Holly]]
| SSH || 1921 || 22 || || SSH on [[Holly]]
| SSH || 1922 || 22 || || SSH on [[Holly#HollyVM|HollyVM]]
== Server Naming ==
See [[Network/Naming|here]] for our naming convention
= Network Devices=
=== Able ===
Able is Kryten's brother the Linksys ADSL2MUE modem that talks to the outside world. <br/>
Running in PPPoA bridge mode Kryten passes the talktalk login detail to Able.
=== [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kryten Kryten] ===
Kryten is Linksys WRT54GL running DD-WRT VPN Build, he handles all our DHCP, routing from the external world and WiFi.<br/>
Kryten has a 4 port switch - [[Holly]] takes 1.<br/>
WiFi for Hackspace SSID: '''HSNOTTS''' passcode uses WPA2 protocol AES encryption.  Members only, passcode on request, changes to the passcode will be posted to the members only Google group.<br/>
WiFi for guests is setup as '''HSNOTTS_GUEST''' and passcode can be provided and this will run on a seperate VLAN. <br/
The Nottinghack VLAN has access to local resources - e.g. a future NAS file-share , a local dropbox server for projects & collaborations, a backup of all Web / Wiki files (to allow a remote restore in the event of moving hosts / outage of services) and anything else we don't want to be web facing.<br/>
The VPN (when enabled) would allow remote management of the VLANS, which could come in handy in the event of issues with the client WiFi access point.<br/>
Router management username & password for Authorised members only. If there something you need changing ask on the google group or speak to [[User:Lwk|'RepRap' Matt]] or [[User:Tony_S|Tony S]] directly<br/>
Usual rules apply, as to any tool - if you don't know how to use it / don't do anything :)
Kryten runs our openVPN server for access to the hackspace network from the outside world.<br/>
For more details see the [[Network/VPN|VPN]] page
See [[Holly]]
See [[Collective]]
=== [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WOPR Joshua] ===
Joshua loves to play games, Tic Tac Toe, Chess, Global Thermonuclear War... all the family favourites. 
We've co-opted him into running Quake II, Open Arena, Unreal Tournament & Counter Strike 1.5.  <br/>
The aim is to have a games server running games suitable for clients running low powered netbooks & laptops.  This allows us to run LAN parties & have more people join in, without having to bring gaming rigs from home.  Also QII & Open Arena have open source install paths available, with Unreal & Counter Strike available at low cost.<br/>
Joshua is running Windows XP Pro on a 1GHz PIII with 512MB RAM & a RIVA TNT2 graphics card. <br/>
Impressive I know.</br>
There are 2 user accounts -<br/>
"David" - not password protected, but limited access - suitable for web browsing / printing etc.<br/>
"Falken" - admin account - speak to [[User:Tony_S|Tony_S]] if you need the password.<br/>
=== [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvin_the_Paranoid_Android Marvin] ===
Marvin the Paranoid Android
<blockquote>According to Marvin, "The first ten million years were the worst, and the second ten million years, they were the worst too. The third ten million I didn't enjoy at all. After that I went into a bit of a decline." Apparently, the best conversation he'd had was over 40 million years ago, and that was with a coffee machine.</blockquote>
The HP Laserjet 4 Plus is set up on as marvin.<br/>
We have a few spare toners but donations towards paper usage are more than welcome.
=== Clank ===
The HP Laserjet 5Si is set up on as clank.<br/>
The printer feeds A4 paper from tray 2 and A3 paper from tray 3.<br/>
A duplexer is installed enabling double-sided printing.<br/>
=== B4 ===
The Brother MFC-5460CN is set up on as B4.<br/>
Printing and copying in colour, and scanning via "Control Center 3" software on quorra when running WindowsXP.
=== [http://nottinghack.org.uk Nottinghack.org.uk] ===
The main Nottinghack website is run for a dedicated linux server located in Florida provided by [[User:Lwk|'RepRap' Matt]]
This hosts the [http://nottinghack.org.uk Wordpress blog], [http://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk this wiki], [http://planet.nottinghack.org.uk the Nottinghack Planet], and all the external DNS recordes for Nottinghack domains, we have nottinghack.[org.uk|co.uk|com]
The [[Twitterbot]] for @HSNOTTS is also hosted on on this server.
=== [http://shop.nottinghack.org.uk shop.nottinghack.org.uk] ===
Forth coming online shop
===[http://lspace.nottinghack.org.uk lspace.nottinghack.org.uk]===
Hosted locally at the space on [[Holly]] <br/>
DNS record looked after by [[User:Lwk|'RepRap' Matt]]
===[http://cacti.nottinghack.org.uk cacti.nottinghack.org.uk]===
Also hosted locally on [[Holly]] this provides graphing of various stats and info from the hackspace instrumentation
Our intranet, only accessible form the hackspace network
= HackSpace Instrumentation =
The Network and [[Holly]] provide the backbone to our [[HackSpace Instrumentation]] projects.
=Other Info=
== ADSL Connection Reboot Procedure ==
If for some reason the internet connection is not responding!
The Kryten and Able are located on the Internet shelf on the Members Storage room
On Able check if the 'DSL' and 'Internet' lights are green
If not on then reboot Able by cycling power using the power switch on the back,
If two minutes after doing this the 'DSL' light does not come back on then you can also cycle power on Krtyen
If there's still no look, it could well be an outside issue with talktalk.
== Extra Equipment ==
See [[Network/Equipment|here]] for a list of our other network gear

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