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| Bob Wood || £5 || No || --
| Bob Wood || £5 || No || --
| [[User:McMullet|Sam Roberts]] || £10 || No ||--
| Your Name Here || £? || No || --
| Your Name Here || £? || No || --

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The Current PC running the CNC Mill is a Pentium 4 based system. It crashs a lot, is dated, sluggish and not nice to use.

Anyone who has used it will tell you this.

The aim of this pledge drive is to refresh the hardware with something much faster that will make the CNC machine much more responsive and nicer to use. Refreshing the hardware also gives us an upgrade path to a Mesa card should we decide to buy one in the future. The software setup will remain identical to the current system.

Current PC Baseline

This is what the new hardware needs to beat. Latency is more important that raw power hence why we are not pledging for an i7 or similar based pc.

04/04/2019 Latency Test on old hardware

New Hardware

A new PC will be built from scratch. The build will be based around the J3455 Motherboard + CPU combo. It has got some good recommendations on the LinuxCNC forums.


Total cost: £182.28

Stretch Goal

Any extra funds will be put towards a Touch Screen monitor or a new set of step clamps.

List of pledges

Please post on the google group mailing list if you really, truly have forgotten your HMS password and need to have someone else to update this.

Please pay with the reference PLEDGECNCPC-XX where XX is your initials

Who How Much Paid? Method Paid
Dan Spencer £30 No --
Ian D £25 No --
Jim Taylor £15 No --
Jon H £15 No --
Bob Wood £5 No --
Sam Roberts £10 No --
Your Name Here £? No --