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Difference between revisions of "New Laser Cutter Project 2014/2014-02-19 Pledge Drive End meeting"

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Latest revision as of 11:55, 5 February 2019


  • Pledge drive money:
    • New payment deadline (date of order) - new pledges would have to be instantly paid
    • Payment methods (some are non-members)
    • Who tracks/sorts all of this
  • Money above £4000: What to spend it on
  • Laser cutter area - improvements?
  • Re-induction weekend
  • Inductions
    • Cost of inductions?
    • Cost to pledge people?
    • How to get an induction - cleaning up the process?
  • Workshops
    • Ideas, themes
    • Rough dates
  • AOB

Meeting Notes

People: Dominic, Andrew, James, Ian, Anthony, Al, Jon.

Deadline on pledges:

  • Set for 28th of February
  • Allow for emailing Andrew privately if any issues

Payment method:

  • BACS payment
  • Cash if really needed
  • Laser and initials in reference (eg: LaserAA)
  • Members will mark wiki with if they have sent it
  • Dominic will track this

Reassess on the 28th of February, email directly if needed.

Laser cutter area improvements:

  • Not sure where things are on the laser cutter is
  • Has it's own base
  • Move out table, move in laser
  • Clear area in the hack the space day before the month it should arrive

RFID system for using the machine; two possible options:

    • Accrue time
    • Lock out laser
  • Allows responsibility as well (no going "oops!") if peoples time is tracked
  • Takes responsibility
  • Daniel may look at this a bit
  • Matt Little, Dominic, Martin could work out a way to turn off the control board and leave the cooling and laser separately.

Booking system?

  • Can come later
  • Talked about this; basic rules, such as 10 mins in lost the session
  • Needs some kind of display to show if it is booked


  • Issues perhaps if you just use the laptop to edit the files and don't cut
  • Possibly see later what patterns are (but Dominic has seen people not see what people are doing)

Delivery times:

  • 12 day build time (might not apply to large scale laser)
  • Loading docket takes 6-8 weeks; sometimes plus customs time
    • Can track the ship!
  • Roughly 10 weeks total

Inductions for new people:

  • Required for safety - keep watching so it doesn't burn!
  • No idiots guide in book form too, so easier to do in person
  • 45 minutes or so. Booking would be needed.
  • Currently: Inductions are £20
    • Half and half cost currently (£10 in pot, £10 for the inductee)
  • Currently: not many people doing it
    • More people can do inductions - would require perhaps some additional help

Inductions for pledge people:

  • Everyone now has a free laser cutting induction
    • Majority at the weekend which Martin and Dominic will be doing
    • Others done by interested parties: James, Dominic, Andrew said they would help
  • Later pledges up to the deadline may get them case by case (no £5 pledges for a free induction for instance)
  • Cutoff date of 1 or 2 months

Induction bookings:

  • Email address - laser team - would be used
  • Clean up wiki page - not using it anymore!
  • Booking system would be beneficial if created

Workshops on the laser:

  • Last two workshops ran at a loss
  • Garantee by paying for laser time; maybe a bit more for materials + watching
  • Democratic/lassie-faire to do it based on booking from the person running it
  • Dates: Can just arrange as go along
  • Types: Depends on people!


  • Nothing