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The new laser cutter will have RFID access and a booking system.

Here is a dump of some information for the system design. This info will need some reorganisation, and a proper spec writing

The system will allow bookings and adhoc sessions, store the time the laser is used for and invoice accordingly in the same way snackspace does. It will also need to keep track of pledged time.

System Parts

  • HMS to make booking - only inducted users can book
    • Non inducted users can request induction
  • Bookings stored on dedicated Google calendar
  • RFID reader on laser to start booking, or adhoc session
  • Display by laser to show current availability / next session
  • RGB LED lamp showing current status
  • Signout button to end session (sessions will also timeout)
  • Question mark around the user of the computer as part of the system


The system will need some configurable values. These will be set with sensible defaults, but will need to be able to be changed as we get to know how things are working.

  • Maximum number of active bookings
  • Booking length limit
  • No-show time limit
  • Booking advance limit (how long in advance must a booking be made?)

Session handover, what should happen if a booked or adhoc session is not terminated before the next booked session starts? --> Laser gets disabled until the member who's booked signs on.