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Congratulations on joining us! This page should help you get up to speed and included in our community as quickly as possible!

As a member of Nottingham Hackspace, you are entitled to quite a few benefits, some of which you have probably already taken advantage of, but some benefits require you to jump a hurdle or two to set up, but we try to make those hurdles as low as possible! Read on for a list of benefits and how you can access them.

Physical Benefits

Access to the Space

As a member, you have 24/7 access to the hackspace, but at the moment you will not be able to get in! The main door is a traditional key, but other doors within the space have slightly more hi-tech locking solutions. The access page has the most up to date details of how to get in whenever you want.


As a member you are entitled to a 35L box to store your stuff in. Your £5 joining fee has bought you a box, and it should be in the member's box room by the next open hack night ready to be labelled up and filled. If there are no boxes available, please let a board member know.


The space has member-use WiFi. It is currently down due to the move to a new space.

Online Benefits

All of these benefits can be registered for using the new member signup form.

Our Blog

All members are able to post moderated posts onto the hackspace blog. Your posts will have to be moderated by one of the content editors.

Your Blog

You can have your personal blog included in Planet Nottinghack, an aggregation of member's blogs.


You already know what the Wiki is (you are here!). As a member, you are entitled to edit rights to this wiki.

Member's Mailing List

As well as the normal mailing list we also have a members only mailing list - make sure you are on it, as a lot of important things are discussed here first - elections, for example.