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| image      = [[File:Ambox deletion.png]]
| image      = [[File:Ambox deletion.png]]
| textstyle  = font-weight: bold; font-size: big; align:centre;
| textstyle  = font-weight: bold; font-size: big; align:centre;
| text      = Nottingham Hackspace is currently closed for electrical work, see the [[Coronavirus guidelines]] page for further details.</br>
| text      = Nottingham Hackspace is currently in level 3 (limited self-bookings allowed). See [[Coronavirus guidelines]] page for further details.</br>
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Roden House - Feb 2019.jpg
Roden House
Location Main Workshop.jpeg
The general purpose Workshop

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About us

We are a community of hackers and makers based in Nottingham, UK.

At our non-profit Hackspace we have collaboratively built the workspace infrastructure that allows our members to learn, be creative and hack. Originally founded in March 2010, Nottinghack has since become one of the largest Hackspaces in the UK. In our space you will find Tools, Equipment, Resources, Advice and Community.

If you haven't found it yet, our public facing website is at:

Open Nights

Open Nights are currently cancelled.

Nottinghack Wiki

This wiki is the knowledge base underpinning the Hackspace. It has many functions but is primarily used for:

  • Storing Information about the physical space and our Network solutions
  • Archiving Governance information
  • Documenting Tools we have and how to use them
  • Documenting Events
  • Sharing Cool Projects

Any member can update or create a new page; use your HMS username and password to login and start editing.

Note Note: Don't be scared of editing the wiki, a full history of edits is recorded so any incorrect changes or mistakes can be fixed easily.
About Us
The Space

Location and physical layout


Some of our Projects


Our Tools and Equipment

Members list

Who are we!

Nottinghack History
Nottinghack History

How we came to be

Getting Started
New Members

Recently joined or considering joining?

Looking for Collaborators
Projects looking for collaborators

Join an ongoing group project


Attend, host or discover events


We are run by volunteers

Help:Using the wiki

Need help editing the wiki?

Mailing List
Google Group

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Real-time chat for Hackspace teams

Nottinghack homepage
Nottinghack Website

Announcements and HMS

Maker's Map
Maker's Map

Local suppliers for materials

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