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NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This tool has been removed from Nottinghack, and donated to another Hackspace as its function is replaced by another benchtop milling machine from the Barnsley collection.

Unfortunately, this new mill is not yet ready for use. (November 2016)

This is a bench-top OSAKI MMD250 milling machine received as a donation (was being scrapped!)

Looks Like

The Mini Mill

Tools for the Mini Mill


This is an 'X2' mini mill, intended for DIY use, available under a number of different supplier identities. This particular one is supplied by Cromwell Tools

A copy of the user manual is available in the Hackspace, or can be downloaded.


There is a 6mm solid carbide end mill. Other suitable tools may be found in the Bridgeport Mill area.


Do not, ever, use an ordinary Jacobs-type drill chuck to hold milling tools. There is a set of 3 collet chucks with a (home-made) drawbar which is a much more secure and safe way of holding such tools (a drill-chuck is fine when the operating force is along the axis, but will loosen dangerously if sideways forces are applied).


The spindle speed is not stable - this is a known problem with this particular kind of mill. May need attention to the speed control pot, or a replacement controller.