Old Mini Mill

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This is a bench-top OSAKI MMD250 milling machine received as a donation (was being scrapped!)

Looks Like

The Mini Mill

Tools for the Mini Mill


This is an 'X2' mini mill, intended for DIY use, available under a number of different supplier identities. This particular one is supplied by Cromwell Tools

A copy of the user manual is available in the Hackspace, or can be downloaded.


There is a 6mm solid carbide end mill. Other suitable tools may be found in the Bridgeport Mill area.


Do not, ever, use an ordinary Jacobs-type drill chuck to hold milling tools. There is a set of 3 collet chucks with a (home-made) drawbar which is a much more secure and safe way of holding such tools (a drill-chuck is fine when the operating force is along the axis, but will loosen dangerously if sideways forces are applied).


The spindle speed is not stable - this is a known problem with this particular kind of mill. May need attention to the speed control pot, or a replacement controller.