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This is the record of a pledge fund for the purchase of a simple digital storage oscilloscope (DSO).

The suggested equipment is a OWON SD7102 (2 channel, 100MHz bandwidth, 8" colour screen). See a video review here.

The initial funding target is £150, before we ask the hackspace to match funding to make up £300.

Who How Much Paid Method Paid

James F


Yes Bank Xfer
Spencer O £15 Yes Bank Xfer
Derek S £10 Yes Bank Xfer
Dominic M £10
Daniel £25 Yes Bank Xfer
Ian D £20 Yes Bank xfer
Robert H £15 Yes Bank Xfer
Jackson Davis £10
Ian Evans £10
Eriw Preston £5 Yes Bank Xfer
Matt Little £10
Joe Duckhouse £10
Totals £170 £115