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The Brother MFC5460CN can be used for colour photocopying using the controls on the device itself.
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The black printhead is well worn, though, and so B/W copying results may not be useful for some purposes - look in the plastic folder containing the documentation to see some sammples.
The MFC is connected to the network (and can be seen, named as B4) and the Brother Control Center software installed on QUORRA (Windows XP) which controls scanning and copying (to a device other than the MFC itself).
Black/White copying using B4 and CLANK
In Brother Control Center, click the COPY button on the left-hand side of the window to show four buttons, COPY1 .. COPY4. The first three have been customised to carry out a direct MRC to printer copy:
1. MFC (A4) to CLANK (A3) - picture scanning.
2. MFC (A4) to CLANK (A3) - text scanning.
3. MFC (A4) to CLANK (A4) - picture scanning.
4. User Configurable.
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