Pillar Drill

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Pillar drill.jpg

A Sealey GDM1630FR radial arm pillar drill (after some years of Hackspace use.



Please remember to lock the table lift before drilling. The rack and pinion is not enough to resist downwards drilling pressure, and rack bending and breakage occurs if the rack is expected to take the load.

Also, make sure that the drill and table area adjusted to ensure that the drill passes through a hole in the table, rather than drilling in to it.


21/Aug/2016 Replacement rack fitted, together with new chuck guard and a missing handle knob replaced.

Comments: The rack and pinion table lift is somewhat loose - as the rack is new, but the previous, broken one, was showing signs of wear, it is probable that a new pinion is needed. This certainly explains the recent problems with the rack bending and breaking - if the rack and pinion mesh correctly, they can probably hold against drill pressure even if the table lift lock is not tightened.

The new chuck guard needs a replacement wedge to ensure that it doesn't catch on the power switch. This has caused breakage previously, and is a design flaw with these drills having the switch on the front.