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Patch Panel AC Mapping.png

F6 Incoming Context.jpg

Craft Room

F6 CraftRoom Context.jpg F6 CraftRoom Breakers.jpg F6 CraftRoom Breakers inside.jpg

This board has the old phase cable colours.
It now contains a mixture of old wiring colours and new wiring colours.


F6 Workshop Context.jpg F6 Workshop Breakers.jpg

This board is on L3.
It is fed from a 50amp circuit breaker in the power cupboard


F6 MetalWorking Context.jpg F6 MetalWorking Breakers.jpg

G4 & G5

Patch Panel B Mapping.png


G4 Context.jpg G4 Breakers.jpg G4 Breakers inside.jpg


G5 Context.jpg G5 Breakers.jpg

This board is is on L3.


Patch Panel D Mapping.png

G6 Breakers.jpg G6 Context.jpg