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Nottingham Hackspace has a wide range of promotional material. We very much want to encourage people to make their own leaflets and hand outs. We hack everything else, so we should be hacking our publicity! Below you will find a mix of stuff that you can use for Hackspace promotion.

Related to promotional Materials is the Hackspace Branding, it includes files for all the different 'Hacked' versions of the logo and how to use them.

Jake Howe, Dominic Morrow and James Hayward are responsible for implementing a lot of these graphics and are passionate about making the hackspace look good, if you do use any of the files found below they politely ask that you drop an email to the Google Groups mailing list just so we can give it a once over and make sure nothing has been stretched or disproportioned, its not a requirement, but a request.

PDF's of previous material

Here is a list of print ready PDF files, the idea is that if we need some more of something you can just grab the files, print them off at home, on the Laser Printers in the hackspace, or organise getting a full print run done. These are specifically set up to have little to no trouble when printing either at home, or via a print works. These are not 'Editable' files, you can find artwork for some of these below in the 'Artwork' section.

If you need a hand with any technical issues (e.g. what kind of paper you should ask for from a print works) then do contact Jake Howe (

Hackspace bookmark - This is the PDF for our famous 'Appeal to all makers' bookmark


Donations Info - The posters used around the Donations area, Donation Slips to be printed off in house as and when needed.

Media:Nottinghack-Donations-Mainsign.pdf (Title Sign) Media:Nottinghack-Donations-Poster.pdf (Info Poster) Media:Nottinghack-Donations.pdf (Donation slip, 4 up for easy printing)

Are the doors locked? - An exit sign for members


Do not be on fire poster - Rule Zero, the most important of rules.


Graphic Elements

Graphic elements are bits of imagery that have been used to promote Nottingham Hackspace, they range from little creative pictures to nice useful graphics. The idea is that you can easily take these, and use them to spruce up your leaflet or flyer. Some are just useful bits to have on your flyer and will save you time needing to create them yourself.

Makery things image - As featured on the Hackspace bookmark and banner. (jpeg)


Hackspace location map - Want to show people where the hackspace is? He is a nice vector which you can scale to what ever size you want to use on your flyer (svg)


Also a separate image for the little 'Here we are' arrow


Social Media Logos - If you want to draw attention to our social media account use these


QR code - Who can resist a little nerd bait? This QR code links people to our Nottinghack website.


Nottinghack Archer inside yellow triangle - Warning! Hacking in progress!


Hack Arrows - Used around the building to direct people to the hackspace



Below is some of the hackspace promotional material in a format that allows you edit and tweak the designs. We have tried to save these in a format most people can open, however do contact Jake Howe and he can resave most of it as your desired format. (even as a DXF to put on a laser cutter or CNC machine!)

Original design created for Nottingham Hackspace by Trayén Coloma

This is available as an SVG file that can be edited with Inkscape

Note Note: this design currently requires the font "Giddyup Std" though, which is not free.

This artwork was designed especially to be copy-printed on a Risograph GR3750. It was whipped up by Trayén Coloma.

Here is a version which has been amended to use an Open Source Google Webfont called 'Bad Script' Media:RisoImproved-01.svg

Pictures for use in Promotion

We have a wide range of pictures over on our[flickr account]. Feel free to use any of the pictures posted there.

A noticeboard for upcoming events

TODO: A poster with a large blank area that will be used as a noticeboard to advertise upcoming events at the hackspace (it could be pinned up on a wall at a nearby community centre). It should also include a map (or directions from the community centre to the hackspace) and a brief description of the hackspace.

Horizontal layout of blank events poster
Vertical layout of blank events poster

These are also available as either PDF file, a PDF file with bleed marks and a SVG file which can be edited in Inkscape.

Blank poster template

Also available in File:Blank-frame-boarder-pdf.pdf and SVG file format.

A pamphlet

TODO: A pamphlet with key information copied from this wiki. It should describe: our most interesting tools and equipment, infrastructure and projects and membership information. It could have a blank area (or a replaceable centre page) to describe recent and upcoming events.

Posters to stick on the back of an exit door

TODO: A poster to stick on the exit door so people see it as they leave (I think we used to have a nice poster that said "travel safely" with tear-off stubs that had an image of a shield or sword and those stubs were taken quickly).

AGM Reminder Poster for exit door

Also available in PDF format and PDF format with print markings.