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Promotional materials

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These promotional materials were created for Nottingham Hackspace. You might find these materials useful if you are promoting a hackspace of your own.

Editing these promotional materials

These promotional can be edited using free software and you are welcome to adapt them to your needs (see Copyright for details). For a list of free/open fonts to use in your designs, see suggested fonts.

Generic hackspace graphics

This artwork was designed especially to be copy-printed on a Risograph GR3750. It was whipped up by Trayén Coloma:

Original design created for Nottingham Hackspace by Trayén Coloma

This is available as an SVG file that can be edited with Inkscape

Note Note: this design currently requires the font "Giddyup Std" though, which is not free.

A noticeboard for upcoming events

TODO: A poster with a large blank area that will be used as a noticeboard to advertise upcoming events at the hackspace (it could be pinned up on a wall at a nearby community centre). It should also include a map (or directions from the community centre to the hackspace) and a brief description of the hackspace.

A pamphlet

TODO: A pamphlet with key information copied from this wiki. It should describe: our most interesting tools and equipment, infrastructure and projects and membership information. It could have a blank area (or a replaceable centre page) to describe recent and upcoming events.

Posters to stick on the back of an exit door

TODO: A poster to stick on the exit door so people see it as they leave (I think we used to have a nice poster that said "travel safely" with tear-off stubs that had an image of a shield or sword and those stubs were taken quickly).