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Hackspace Recycling Nottingham hackspace encourages recycling, this can be the re-use of materials in the various materials bins in the electronics area and the main workshop, including for purposes other than for which they were originally intended.

Anything placed in the Waste is fair game, including and most commonly, the laser and Wood offcut hoppers.

There are four receptacles in the kitchen for commonly recycled materials.

  Plastics / Bottles
  Mixed Glass
  Paper and Card
  Metal Cans

Please optimise space in the receptacle by crushing and cutting stuff up wherever possible. also, take care with messy greasy food cartons such as Piza boxes, which are not recyclable There is no organised removal of these receptacles and is dependent on members periodically removing the stuff from the space under there own initiative and goodwill.

Other materials can be weighed In at Scrap Merchants, again there is no formal process for this and is reliant on volunteers taking the initiative

  Aluminium Drinks Cans
  Computer Hard Drives
  Electronics PCBs
  Other Scrap Metals

--Dclarke 20:08, 1 February 2012 (EST)