Replacement Table Saw 2014

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The old table saw is on it's last legs. Let's buy a new one - and make it fairly good quality too.

On the 15th August 2014, a pledge drive was started on the google group / mailing list. This page is intended to keep track of pledges and the status of the project to replace the table saw.


An example saw can be found here, which costs £458.40. We might be able to find something of equivalent quality a little cheaper by shopping around, but let's aim for this and when we get close we can start wrangling about which one we'll actually go for - it all depends how easily we can get to that sort of money value.

Specification / Our Requirements

  • This is probably the most potentially dangerous item we have bought for the Hackspace.
  • The existing saw has a 10" blade and a motor rated at about 1500W.
  • Additional features that would be appreciated include cast table, table extensions and sliding carriage.
  • A sliding carriage is (provided it is used) an aid to safer operation and is compared favourably in web forums (e.g. this one) to the American SawStop safety brake.
  • The sample suggestion only has an 8" blade. Other aspects are OK but is the reduction in capacity a good thing? Further information available here and here
  • Lionel has seen one of these, and has commented on some exposed ends to aluminium extrusions. Gazz has been helpful in supplying further information on the one he has (see the Google Group) and what he had to do to get it working.
  • We could examine before purchase from the manufacturer (based locally, near Leicester) or get from a discount supplier
  • An alternative at about the same cost is this one, further information here and here. There are local agent for these, but not necessarily demonstration / examination facilities.
  • Options that have been suggested are to but a used Startrite or Wadkin saw - these are available frequently on eBay at between £350 and £600, but as they do not usually have brakes to comply with current regulations, would need upgrading before they could be used. This would add £150-£400 to the price.


Still at the pledging phase, please don't pay anyone yet. We'll sort that out when we've got enough pledges and decided exactly what to buy.


Who How Much Paid Method Paid
Mouse £25 - -
Michael Erskine £10 - -
RepRap Matt £20 - -
Gazz £10 - -
Ian Dickinson £20 - -
John Bell £20 - -
Christopher Parsons £10 - -
James Fowkes £10 - -
Dominic Morrow £20 - -
Lionel Goodwin £20 - -
Matt Little £20 - -
Kaneda £10 - -
Paul Spacebee £20 - -
Board £200 - -