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Main source of information: the Prusa page at --

Build instructions: File:Prusa Mendel Visual Instructions (Mininum Resolution).pdf

BOM: --

Bill of Materials: Non-Printed Parts
Quantity Description Type Comments
83 M8 nut Fastener Buy a 100-pack to be on the safe side.
93 M8 washer Fastener Buy a 100-pack to be on the safe side.
6 M8×30 mudguard / fender washers Fastener
2 M4×20 bolt Fastener
2 M4 nut Fastener
2 M4 washer Fastener
22 M3×10 bolt Fastener
16 M3×25 bolt Fastener Or eight M3×25 bolt plus eight M3x20 bolts, see §8 steps 5 and 13 for details.
4 M3×40 bolt Fastener
70 M3 washer Fastener
40 M3 nut Fastener Eight optionally locknut / stop nut / nyloc
2 M3 grub screw / set screw Fastener
3 608 roller skate / inline skate / skateboard bearing Bearings
4 ballpoint pen springs Spring
6 M8×370mm Threaded rod Three per side
4 M8×294mm Threaded rod Front / rear
3 M8×440mm Threaded rod Top / bottom
2 M8×210mm Threaded rod Z-leadscrew
1 M8×50mm Threaded rod Or bolt for X idler
2 8mm×420mm Smooth rod
2 8mm×406mm Smooth rod Y-bar
2 8mm×350mm Smooth rod Z-bar
1 225mm×225mm print top plate Thick Sheet
1 140mm×225mm print bottom plate Thick Sheet
1 840mm×5mm T5 pitch timing belt Belt
1 1380mm×5mm T5 pitch timing belt Belt
5 NEMA 17 bipolar stepper motor Stepper
50 small cable binder / ziptie Misc
1 Wade's Geared Extruder Or any other compatible extruder
1 Electronics + endstops This can be RAMPS, Gen6, Gen3, or anything else compatible
3 30mm×10mm Optoflags Thin Sheet If using opto endstops
2 8mm ID spring Spring If using opto endstops

We have all the M8 rod, the M8 washers, all the M3 and M4 parts.