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|image=file:Printer Rosey.jpg
|image=file:Printer Rosey.jpg

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Printer Rosey.jpg
Manufacturer Epson
Model WF-7610 All-in-One
Location Blue Room
Team Network and Servers
Induction Required No
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Status Defunct
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Note Note: When possible, for printing, use the colour laser printer Bender, as it is more economical.

Rosey is a Epson WF-7610 All-in-One in the Blue Room.

Location: The Blue Room

A3 Inkjet duplexing printer & scanner. Rosey can also be used as photocopier.

LCD control panel for most functions.

Scanning to server shortcut for Trustees and other documents.

IP address (DHCP name ROSEY

Serial Number S9HY007734

Ink Cartridges - Epson 27XL compatibles from Stinky Ink