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==Brother Computerised Embroidery Machine==
==Brother Computerised Embroidery Machine==
Innov-is 750E
==Industrial Overlocker==
==Industrial Overlocker==

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Sewing Machines
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Intended Use Automated sewing.
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Team Craft & Textiles
Floor Upstairs
Area Craft Room
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The Sewing Machines in the Hackspace vary massively, there is bound to be one that fits your needs!

Please take care to not leave the industrial machines in a mess - make sure to leave them threaded for the next user!

Industrial Sewing Machine

Simplicity Lace 29 Sewing Machine

We got 2 of those in the craft room This is a nice, simple, easy to use modern lockstitch machine

Brother JK 4000

This is simple to use computerised lockstitch machine

IKEA SY Sewing machine

Those machine is now retired!

Brother Computerised Embroidery Machine

Innov-is 750E

Industrial Overlocker

Older Domestic Sewing Machines

We currently have 5 (!!!) domestic sewing machines. We (the sewing machine crew) are in the process of testing them for usability.

  • Singer - working? Testing underway
  • Jones 300 - problematic!
  • Frister Dressmaker - testing underway
  • not yet checked
  • not yet checked

Sewing Machine Pledge Drives

In the past there has been the following sewing machine pledge drives: