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We set up this pledge drive to buy two second hand industrial sewing machines. One is a lockstitch and one is an overlocker.

Pledge Details

Name Amount Paid Notes
Matt Little £10 Y Paid cash when buying equipment
Dominic £10 Y Bank transfer (GZ)
Rave £10 ?
David H £10 Y Bank transfer. Ref. will be "Pledge - Leeds"
James H £20 ?
Kate £10 ?
Joe £10 ?
James F/Michelle £10 Y Paid via bank transfer 15/1/13
Ric £10 Y Paid via bank transfer 14/1/13
Wendy £10 ?
John H £10 Y Bank transfer 15/1/13
Andrew A £20 ?
Charly £30 ?
Gill £10 Y Bank transfer (GZ)

Total sum: £180