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The Sewing Machines in the Hackspace vary massively, there is bound to be one that fits your needs!

Please take care to not leave the industrial machines in a mess - make sure to leave them threaded for the next user!

Industrial Sewing Machine

This is a Toyota LS2-AD157-100.

Toyota Sewing Machine in the Studio

It is reasonably easy to thread. No assistance should be needed to use it, but leave it threaded when finished. There is a way to spin the under-bobbin using the motor.

It can go through ticker material such as velcro, webbing and potentially thinner leather.

Please mind not to change the tension, there is no need to unless you know what you are doing.

Industrial Overlocker

Please seek assistance on the Google Group if you do not know how to operate this machine. Training is not mandatory but is recommended. Rethreading this takes an awful long time.

This is a Willcox & Gibbs 500-4 Type 516-4-38.

Please mind not to change the tension, there is no need to unless you know what you are doing.

The thread is setup with 5 bobbins. These can be easily re-threaded between black or white or whatever you bring if you tie on the new thread and pull the old one through.

When using it make sure to have the fabric as shown:

Then when finished keep the motor going to get a good amount of threaded material to cut. DO NOT PULL IT THROUGH, UNLIKE THE SEWING MACHINE THIS WILL CAUSE IT TO SNAP THREADS AND WILL REQUIRE RETHREADING.

Pledge Drive

See Google group for original discussion.

We set up this pledge drive to buy two second hand industrial sewing machines. One is a lockstitch and one is an overlocker.

Pledge Details

Name Amount Paid Notes
Matt Little £10 Y Paid cash when buying equipment
Dominic £10 Y Bank transfer (GZ)
Rave £10 ?
David H £10 Y Bank transfer. Ref. will be "Pledge - Leeds"
James H £20 ?
Kate £10 y
Joe £10 Y Bank transfer 21/1/13
James F/Michelle £10 Y Paid via bank transfer 15/1/13
Ric £10 Y Paid via bank transfer 14/1/13
Wendy £10 Y Paid via bank transfer 17/1/13
John H £10 Y Bank transfer 15/1/13
Andrew A £20 Y Donation in Studio box
Charly £30 ?
Gill £10 Y Bank transfer (GZ)
Kai Pays £10 Y Bank transfer. Ref. will be "Sewing Machine Plg"

Total sum: £180