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Recently (early 2015) received as a donation.

An elderly Roland CAMM-1 CX-12 plotter / vinyl cutter / sign maker.

Initial setup (22/Feb/2015)

HP JetDirect 300 network printer server connecting via parallel port to the CX-12

Network address, printer driver (raw queue) set up on quorra / Linux.

Software: Inkscape extension 'InkCut 1.0' installed and running on Quorra under Linux. No Windows support until next version.

Material maximum width 395mm, but the cutting width is 280mm (11") maximum, less than A4 landscape.

As this device needs fore-and-aft clearance for the source and the finished material, it is best set up on a table in the studio and using the network connection to drive it.

Currently testing to establish capabilities / speeds to use (22/Feb/2015) Dclarke (talk) 22:06, 22 February 2015 (UTC)

User Manual File:CX-12-24 Use manual r5.pdf