Small Arduino Equivalents

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Small Arduino Equivalents
Primary Contact Michael Erskine
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Workshop: free up you Arduino UNO or Arduino Duemilanove for prototyping by making small customised "equivalent" ATMega368 boards.

  • breadboard
  • stripboard
  • perfboard
  • custom PCBs
  • cardboard!
  • hotmelt and sticky tape!


  • ATMega368
    • IC pin labelling with a paper shroud (make PDF).
  • crystals/resonators
  • reset switch if desired
  • power
    • regulation (if necessary)
    • driving from PC USB/solar device/chargers
  • caps


  • Programming your micro.
    • bootloaders
  • programming/comms cables and modules
  • FTDI cables
  • paperftdi
  • prolific chips
  • serial RS232/TTL

--Michael Erskine 06:39, 26 January 2012 (EST)