Spray Booth

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Switching On/Off

The photo shows the spray booth plugged into an extension behind the laser cutter. As this is not convenient for access, it is now connected to an extension accessible from the Electronics Bay.

The power is fed through a RCD safety cutout. One button turns on the power, the other trips it off.

Spray booth plug 01.jpgSpray booth plug 02.jpg

The spray booth helps to remove harmful fumes and trap airborne paint particles.

  • Protect your lungs! Wear suitable PPE, such as a respirator or dust mask, and eye protection.
  • Keep the door closed.
  • Tidy up when finished.
  • Spray away from the door, towards the back wall of the booth.
  • Set the booth on fire. Flammable vapours can take a while to clear.
  • Spend too long in the spray booth. Take regular breaks to let harmful fumes be extracted
  • Get paint on other people's projects.
  • Leave your project in the booth for longer than necessary.