Startrite metal bandsaw pledge

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This relates to buying a 2nd hand band saw from the Cattlemarket auction. Dated 11/6/14.

The Google Groups thread is here:!topic/nottinghack/yK86pgrNAAY

It is a Startrite 24-s-5. Brochure is here:

And (most of) the operation and service manual is here:


Pledge Drive

Please transfer monies via bank transfer with a reference "BSP2" (Band Saw Pledge 2), if possible to the hackspace bank account. Please note when you have paid.

Who How Much Paid? Method Paid
Matt Little £10 No N/A
Dominic Morrow £20 No N/A
Matt Lloyd £15 YES Bank Trensfer
James Hayward £10 No N/A
Derek Stonall £10 Yes Bank Transfer
Ian Dickinson £10 Yes Bank transfer
James Fowkes £10 No N/A
Ian Davis £20 No N/A
Justin Stokes £5 Yes Bank transfer
Andrew Armstrong £10 No N/A