Stigmata Sauce

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Part of the sacred and profane condiments series.

Tomato ketchup dispenser with religious stigmata spout.

Dettol No-Touch soap dispenser

  • IR LED and IR photo-sensor
  • microcontroller potted onto board
  • plunge-pump
  • battery housing
  • spout and inlet - one-way valve
  • sold in North America under Lysol brand

Box for gubbins

  • what-have-you for starters
  • ports for ketchup inlet and blood outlet
  • nice varnished wooden box eventually
  • switch exposed through case
  • removable dish for spills
  • access for battery change
  • hand mounting with powerful magnets

Nail hand sensor

  • break beam by placing hand between nailed wooden boards

Hands or Wrists?