TIG welder

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Currently (May 2014) being comissioned.

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding is particularly useful for aluminium, It used an electrode nozzle with a fixed (should be permanent, but they do wear) tungsten tip where a plasma 'flame' is created (started with a high-voltage / high freequency starter) and used to heat the filler wire and joint. The nozzle allows a flow of inert shield gas around the working area, reducing slag creation and (particularly important with aluminium) oxidation.

The TIG welder is a 'stick' welder - the electrode / nozzle is held in one hand, and the filler wire applied with the other.

TIG welder shield gas

TIG welder capacity and rating

TIG welder power supply

A 63A plug and socket connection is used, with a pushbutton on/off control station and no-volt release.

RFID control of access will be installed shortly.