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Consumables Team has renamed to the Resources Team, if this can be amended (with a note in the agenda item that we were previously Consumables Team). I'm going to rename pages on this wiki and references in due course, after some more discussion we're having online is completed.

Also can you add an agenda item for "New Laser Cutter Project 2014 Update" or somesuch. I'll have prepared the "kickstarter-style" pledge drive based on feedback on the proposed ideas and item to buy but mainly just to provide a bit of feedback on responses and overview of how this went. I hope I'll have something to say other than "No one replied" :P Andrew Armstrong (talk) 20:27, 22 January 2014 (EST)

Money used for buying containers at previous hack the space day. - Matt Little

Update on donated items - Matt Little

Science in the Park event: Do we have any definite helpers? - Matt Little

Electronics area - proposals for that area - Matt Little