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  • Fall out from James H's "It's my time" post to the google group
  • Improving member behaviour / involvement:
    • Things suggested on the list:
      • being clearer to new members that there are expectations of them
      • chores list
      • more / improved shadow boards
      • better labelling of where stuff goes (we made progress for a while, but it needs to be kept on top of
      • possibly running new member induction days. Will be a PITA, but might be worthwhile

Mouse (talk) 18:39, 4 September 2016 (UTC)

Following on from mouse on improving member behaviours:

  • Care of workshop machines.
    • Victims of broken window syndrome?
      • Certain machines seem to suffer unduly.
        • Bandsaw Blade breakage, esp. Metalwork Startrite
          • Lower Guide missing and upper guide faulty on baby Startrite, Axminster sell ready made upgrade set.
        • Bandsaws, Drills and Myford seem to receive almost no regular after-use cleaning.
          • Hackspace machinery code of practice?
            • Safety, Cleaning and reporting damage - emphasised as above all other things, in that order.
    • A number of anecdotal horror stories surfaced this week.
    • Most non-induction machines are poorly documented, yet may be unfamiliar to many members.
      • Concerted effort to update the Wiki
      • Signboard for each machine including PPE suggested, link to wiki page or print-out user instructions and small whiteboard.
    • Lots of "Noise" RE: tool maintenance on the group recently, as far as I can tell most day to day tasks and some major repairs actually happening very rapidly.
      • Finding a volunteer to build lathe motor-mount? (See Dclarke (talk))
      • Should we recruit more maintainers and/or define them like the laser team has...

Jelly (talk) 18:24, 5 September 2016 (UTC)

  • How we 'do' PPE
    • Most of the decent safety glasses are missing, those that remain are dirty, buried under stuff or both.
      • Doors on PPE shelves to at least keep stuff clean.
    • Make/buy simple PPE storage boxes to be sited at the point of use, with a permanently marked set of required items in each box.
    • Buy slightly more expensive but better PPE.
        • Compatibility of eye and ear protection is an issue.
        • Most glasses are not adjustable and ill fitting for most users.
      • Easy to adjust, comfy PPE that "just works" is much more likely to be used and cared for.
    • Mark Cambridge slack suggestion
      • Slightly nicer "personal" PPE available in vending machine?
      • Bigger items Ear-Defenders, Visor - Issued on request by safety team for one person to care for.

Jelly (talk) 19:21, 5 September 2016 (UTC)