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For a quick way to recalculate the total, paste the following block of code into the developer console run it when viewing the wiki page:

var total=0.0;$('.wikitable td:nth-child(2)').each(function(index,value){total+=parseFloat($(value).text().substring(2));});alert('£'+total+' (£'+(4000-total)+' to goal)');

To access the developer/JavaScript console:

  • Firefox (Windows: Ctrl + Shift + K)
  • Chrome (Windows: Ctrl + Shift + J)
  • IE 11 (Windows: F12 then Ctrl + 2)

The screenshot below shows the expected result when pasting it into the console in Chrome and pressing "Enter" to run it.

Jscript calc laser.jpg

Nice, thank you for this!

To calculate the total collected run this script:

var total=0.0;$('.wikitable td:nth-child(2)').each(function(index,value){if($(value).next().text().trim()!=''){total+=parseFloat($(value).text().substring(2));}});alert('£'+total+' collected');