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|members=[[User:WPyro|Aithne]], David Clarke, [[User:Lwk|Matt Lloyd]]
|members=[[User:WPyro|Aithne]], David Clarke, [[User:Lwk|Matt Lloyd]]
|budget=(to follow)
|started=September 2015
|started=September 2015

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The aims and scope of the team, to be agreed and confirmed are:


To look after the Hackspace building facilities in general.


The team is responsible for:

  • Reporting any issues to other teams

The team is not responsible for:

  • Purchasing of tools

What timescales does the team have?

There are no major timescales.

What will happen if your responsibilities aren’t met?

If the Infrastructure Team is unable to meet the demand or timescales, the trustees may take on the responsibilities of the team on a temporary basis.

Person Specification

In order to be an Infrastructure Team member, you will have DIY, electrical, plumbing or similar skills.

You should be visiting the space fortnightly to check on the state of the infrastructure.