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James H, Russell H, Lionel G, Andrew A.


  • Aim to be more focused
  • Expectations (Templates to be provided):
    • High level aims - short paragraph
    • Detailed scope - really detailed (catch all categories)
    • Person specification - Persons to be on the team (can be as simple as time)
    • Monthly reports (no financials needed)
    • Annual budget - monthly hard budget per month currently - January or February. For planning. Will be "discussed budgets" that can change. General categories (lines) of budget.
      • Data collection is needed over predictive budgets we think
      • We need a database for it anyway - can't do this all in a spreadsheet or a template
      • James disagrees and just want line categories and maybe dates
      • James asked us to look at software for the DB side, but spreadsheet for financials
  • Figuring out what to buy: the "categories" and items to get
    • Very difficult! Couldn't figure it out before the last time tried
    • Electronics area is a good example - lots of missing areas
  • Granularity?
    • Can be general items like "tea", "coffee" - "refreshments" category perhaps
    • Will try and build it next meeting probably
  • Lead people?
    • Not really wanted from us - trustee if anyone
  • Regular wiki updates
    • Doing already
  • NB: Will move resources meeting next month to a week before members meeting for reporting function
  • Trustees will provide:
    • Communication channel - with trustees on it too. Discourse.
    • Shared space for documents (Google Drive)
    • Inter-team communication - eg; message to software team
    • Processes for adding people to teams more easily
    • Charge Cards
      • Note on Makro cards - will look at
      • Charge cards - email trustees at - takes around 3 days to move money at the moment

Scope discussion:

  • Some black and white - what is resources? Not wood/plastic/metal raw materials. No tools (tool team) like screwdrivers.
    • Trustees are discussing raw materials separately
  • Some are kind of us - tool parts, like drill bits, will be kept under us
  • Some bits are grey - sharpening tool parts - outside small tools team scope, feels more in tools but...?
  • Discussion of scope changes - trustees email - will get a response
  • Exclude:
    • Capital things to exclude; boxes, RFID cards, membership related, heating (nb; mini discussion about propane tanks)
      • Possibly have things in scope but not in budget (type of things that are brought by us but not charged against the budget). Possibly have a specific line for these things. "Members boxes", "Propane", "RFID cards".
    • Snackspace things are dealt with (vending machine/cold drinks)
  • Include:
    • Arts and crafts will fold into us
    • May include other things in the future, scope may change
  • Vague is fine for item lines

Note on cards:

  • Noted hard to use just cards for some things
  • James financially wants to have larger budget rather then buying off card
  • Russell - jumbles - for instance - all cash
  • James would likely insist on getting receipts before the end of the month
  • £1.50 to get cash on the card