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* Kitchen products list
* Kitchen products list
* Stationary list
* Stationary list
* Craft area
* Sandpaper (Abrasives)
* Sandpaper (Abrasives)
* Drill bits
* Drill bits
* Adhesives (Glue box and in fumes cupboard)
* Adhesives (Glue box and in fumes cupboard)
* Tapes
* Tapes

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Action items:

  • Makro card
    • Checked with James - he will look into it
  • Check card money limit/time money is put on/etc. Check with James.
    • checked - email trustees to get more added
  • Screw list/buying screws - Lionel
    • Screws and Bolts and Nuts spreadsheet completed by Lionel ready for updates
    • Will be used to check stock levels and usage
  • Buying more A3 paper + brother labels from Staples - Anyone (low priority)
    • Not done yet
  • Gloves - safety ones XL and XS (once stock is checked) - Lionel/Russell
    • Still looking into this.
  • TIG gloves - Russell
    • Russell not found any yet


  • £200/month, £2400/year seems reasonable based on more recent spending. May be difficult to spend regularly each month depending on needs.
  • Budget creation: Categories:
    • Cleaning (and cleaning consumable) products (mop heads, paper towels, bin liners, dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, cloths)
    • Hygiene products (soap, loo rolls, blue roll, hand sanitiser)
    • Kitchen (tea, coffee, squash, cocoa, tomato ketchup (condiments), dish cloths, etc)
    • Stationary (label maker labels and tape, paper, ink for printers (toner + inkjet), pens + pencils, rubber bands, office staples and staplegun staples)
    • Protective Clothing (blue nitrite gloves, aprons, masks (dust + paint + visors), goggles, rubber gloves)
    • Fluids (ipa, degreaser, cutting oil, acetone)
    • Adhesives (glue, different types, tape)
    • Abrasives (sanding paper, belts, disks, triangles)
    • Blade (hacksaws, donkey cutter, bandsaw, circular saw)
    • Screws, Nuts, Bolts (Drill bits included, metal working bits too)
    • Electronics (solder, wire, resistors, soldering iron tips, hackspace equipment batteries - Matt Little's list - nb; Russell suggests every type of resistor for newbie electronics people perhaps over time/one off buy at start)
    • Gas (heating tanks, compressed gas, welding gas)
    • Bike Repair (puncture repair, degreaser)
    • Metalworking (rods for welding, abrasive scrubbers, polishing wax)
    • Potential future items:
      • Filament for 3d printer? (Space owned, cannot run before it)

Put into a spreadsheet with rough information.

2014 money claimed: 707.84 2014 after estimates of other (what wasn't spent but should have been):

Things looked at:

Lionel; screws + bolts + nuts - already approved, note to get.

Russell's list - approved to look for/get:

  • Grinding/cutting discs
  • Blade connectors (electronics)
  • Copper grease
  • Tinted Visor


  • Z epoxy - £20 - Russell to investigate - - Lionel suggests
  • Pencils - Approved. May be able to find some in the space but not many. Andrew.
  • Pens - added due to Pencils, should be able to source a box of Bics sometime. Andrew.
  • Plimmer - no idea what this is, mis-spelt?
  • Duct tape - Approved. Andrew.
  • Masking tape - Approved. Andrew.
  • Double sided tape - Approved. Andrew.
  • Paste Car Wax/Furniture - Approved. Russell.
  • Label maker tape - TZ1-651 (Black on Yellow, large 1 inch PT tape) - approved. Andrew.

Meeting date:

  • Week and a day before - Tuesday - so late time of the month (*usually* last Tuesday) at 8:30.
    • Next time is: 27th of January


  • Ask for more money on card - (sent email in meeting)
  • As above; items to find/buy for Andrew and Russell
  • Bring budget to trustees (sent email in meeting)
  • Screw and other bits review - Russell and Lionel

Future Month Areas

January - screws, nuts, bolts (nails?)


  • Protective gear list
  • Cleaning product list
  • Metalworking area list
  • Electronics area list
  • Kitchen products list
  • Stationary list
  • Craft area
  • Sandpaper (Abrasives)
  • Drill bits
  • Adhesives (Glue box and in fumes cupboard)
  • Tapes