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Present: Lionel, Andrew, Russell.


  • Ask for more money on card - (sent email in meeting)
    • Done
  • As above; items to find/buy for Andrew and Russell
    • Andrew - Masking Tape, Double Sided, some Duct Tape, BIC pens - no Brother tape
    • Russell - Paste Car Wax/Furniture and Epoxy not checked yet. Has brought A3 paper box.
  • Bring budget to trustees (sent email in meeting)
    • Sent to Trustees. They'll review it I guess.
  • Fixings review (Screws, bolts and nuts, nails) - Russell and Lionel
    • Continuing analysis of stock

Things to buy (most from last month):

  • Andrew's list:
    • Label maker tape - TZ1-651 (Black on Yellow, large 1 inch PT tape)
    • Masking tape - Added from board
    • More duct tape (Aldi has it cheap, elsewhere too, Russell might get some, 50M rolls for £2)
    • Permanent markers - added from board.
  • Russell's list - approved to look for/get:
    • Grinding/cutting discs
    • Blade connectors (electronics)
    • Copper grease
    • Tinted Visor (our current Arco one doesn't have a tinted one available).
    • Z epoxy - £20 - Russell to investigate - - Lionel suggests
    • Metal polishing wax - run out of some already
    • TIG welding gloves in various sizes (small/medium).
  • Lionel
    • Gloves - extra small needed (Just Gloves won't sell this size!)
    • Towels - John Lewis ones
    • Multi coloured insulation tape - Lionel found a website

Lionel + Russell as above looking at fixings when there is time.

Review of areas:


  • Filled some items (washing stuff, put some under sink - probably need some signage!)
  • Tomato Ketchup - run out completely

Cleaning Supplies/Bathroom:

  • Towels - The black ones. Old ones are grotty, approval for getting some from John Lewis.
  • Paper towels - only 5 left, need more
  • Blue roll - 7 rolls left, check if cheaper
  • Toilet rolls - last pack, need more

(NB: have mop heads, vacuum bits, soap).


  • Disposable aprons - gone missing??? Can't find
  • Need to do an inventory of lots of bits - currently fixings ongoing

Things considered but no/other:

  • Pinking shears - lost now (?) - is a tool. Sent email to tools team.
  • Needles for sewing machines - Ange has brought some. Approved this purchase but don't need to now obviously, aim is to wait until more machines are brought to duplicate needles if possible - make a list when that occurs. Andrew can sort this.
  • Stripboard - we have a lot (although most has wire on it) and need to review electronics area anyway; will wait for a proper review and use what is left for now.

Discussion about tools:

  • Still not 100% on what side it is Tools Team or Resources Team. Some parts are more obvious then others (needles and discs versus motors).

Safety team: Emailed to check on stocks of first aid stuff/safety things.


  • Purchase list as above.
  • Fixings review (Screws, bolts and nuts, nails) - Russell and Lionel

Note to Andrew: note need to sort sewing machine inductions.