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We use a range of free online tools to help teams and projects organise themselves more efficiently.


Slack is the primary place for individual teams to chat and plan. Similar to IRC but also with logging features, Slack lets you chat in real-time with your team members while also letting you keep track of the conversation while you're away. Each team has their own Slack channel.

To sign up for Slack:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter in your email address
  3. Get the email from Slack inviting you to join the group
  4. Create an account, and join in.
  5. You will first be in #general, the general announcements and discussion channel.
  6. To join the relevant channels, click the + symbol at the top of the 'Channels' list

Special commands

The Hackspace Slack has some special commands:

  • !temp - displays temperature readings in Hackspace locations.
  • Rule <number> - displays Hackspace rule by number.


The NH Teams slack has a message limit of 10000 messages. Sometimes conversations are lost because of this so be sure make notes of important discussion on a more permanent system.

A fairly up to date archive of public talk channels can be found here: Slarck: NH Teams.


Trello is a project management system, where you can create lists, add tasks to the lists, and then move tasks as they are completed. For those who have worked with Agile projects, it works in a similar way to a Kanban board.

The Hackspace's To Do Board has lists for each team, and team members can add and move cards as needed.

As an example of how Trello can work for a hackspace, see Noisebridge's To-Do List

To sign up for Trello:

  1. Go to Trello and create an account
  2. Go to the Invite Page and click "Join"
  3. Work with your team as needed

Remember - the more information on a task, the easier it is for people to help out with it!

Note: If the invite page is not working, please drop a message in your team's Slack channel.

Google Drive

All teams have a folder on the Hackspace Google Drive. Teams can then keep everything they need in one convenient location.

To sign up for Google Drive:

  1. Go to Google Drive
  2. Ask in your team's Slack channel for access to the folder
  3. When the folder is shared with you, select "Add to My Drive"
  4. The folder will now appear in your Google Drive

Teams also use Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, and other Google features to collaborate on documents, organise data, and get information.

Nottinghack Wiki

The thing you're reading here, right now. The wiki is the long term repository for projects, tools and work inside the space.

  • Got a project log with lots of interesting information? Wiki
  • Need to record part codes? Wiki
  • Unsure where to put something? You guessed it: Wiki

In short - the wiki is where everything should live once a project is complete. Items like Google forms and sheets can stay in their respective Drives, however the meat of a project (especially infrastructure) should be put onto here. If you're not totally comfortable with Wiki markup and want some help, simply put the information on here as best you can, then ask for help in Slack.