Team responsibilities and contacts

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All teams in the Hackspace are ultimately responsible to the Trustees who have delegated certain powers and responsibilities to the teams.

In addition to their specific scopes, below are the responsibilities that all teams have. In addition, the trustees responsibilities to teams are also listed below.


Trustee Responsibilities

Named Contact

Each team has a trustee contact who they can go to with any questions or concerns that they might have. All teams can of course email [] as normal, but may find that emailing an individual trustee gets a faster response.

Team Trustee Contact Email Team Lead Members
3D Printing Ian D
Communications James A
Craft & Textiles Ian D
Electronics Andrew H
Infrastructure Ian D
Laser Andrew H
Membership James T
Metal Working Ali
Network Russell
Resources James T
Safety Matt L
Snackspace Russell
Software James A
Tools Matt L
Woodworking Ali