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There are a range of [[Team Tools and Resources]] available for teams to work productively.
There are a range of [[Team Tools and Resources]] available for teams to work productively.
==Active Teams==
==Active Teams==
{{Update|reason=Trustee contacts are different after election.|date=July 2019}}
{{note|Last updated - March 2019}}
{{note|Last updated - March 2019}}

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The hackspace has a number of small, self-governing teams that maintain particular areas. All teams have a channel in the team slack where they work.

Questions for teams

If you have a question about something a team looks after they can be contacted on the team email or Slack channel (listed on their team page). Likewise if you are interested in joining a team, email them or use Slack. Please note, however, that Slack is not a way for you to ask for things to be done - it's purely for teams to organise between themselves.

Team trustees

All teams in the Hackspace are ultimately responsible to the Trustees who have delegated certain powers and responsibilities to the teams. Each team has a trustee contact the team can contact with any questions or concerns that they might have. All teams can email trustees@nottinghack.org.uk, but may find that emailing an individual trustee gets a faster response.


There are a range of Team Tools and Resources available for teams to work productively.

Active Teams

Note Note: Last updated - March 2019
Team Purpose Trustee contact Trustee email
3D Printing To keep the 3D Printers running and functional, as well as offering inductions. Ian Dickinson ian.dickinson@nottinghack.org.uk
Communications To look after our outward facing presence, such as our website, newsletter, twitter and facebook. James A james.adams@nottinghack.org.uk
Craft & Textiles To develop the craft & textiles facilities into an exciting, appealing area Ian Dickinson ian.dickinson@nottinghack.org.uk
Electronics To keep the Electronics area of the space stocked with consumables & the tools well maintained. Andrew H andrew.hood@nottinghack.org.uk
Infrastructure To look after the Hackspace's infrastructure Ian Dickinson ian.dickinson@nottinghack.org.uk
Laser To look after the Laser Cutter in the space, including inductions. Andrew H andrew.hood@nottinghack.org.uk
Membership To look after member admin duties, from running HMS and answering questions of new and prospective members, to conducting tours during Open Nights. James Taylor james.taylor@nottinghack.org.uk
Metalworking To look after the Hackspace's Metalworking Area. Ali ali.groves@nottinghack.org.uk
Network To look after the Hackspace's networking. Russell russell.houghton@nottinghack.org.uk
Safety To identify safety risks and monitor existing issues. Matt Lloyd matt.lloyd@nottinghack.org.uk
Resources and Snackspace To look after all the communal consumables in the space, from toilet roll to Stanley knife blades. Requests from members are accepted and encouraged. To look after the Hackspace's vending machine, drinks and snacks. Russell russell.houghton@nottinghack.org.uk
Software To develop bespoke software for running the hackspace. From Gatekeeper to Snackspace and HMS, the hackspace wouldn't run without this level of automation. James A james.adams@nottinghack.org.uk
Tools To identify the need to purchase new and replacement small tools for the workshop, and to provide input to the consumables and craft teams concerning the need to buy spare parts. Matt Lloyd matt.lloyd@nottinghack.org.uk
Woodworking To look after the Hackspace's dusty area and associated tools Ali ali.groves@nottinghack.org.uk

Occasional teams

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