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#REDIRECT [[Craft Room]]
|image=File:Location Textiles Workshop.jpeg
|team=Craft & Textiles
|use=Textiles, Embroidery & Vinyl Cutting.
|floorplanimage=File:Floorplan - Textiles Workshop.png
[[File:20190608 010705.jpg|300px|thumb|right|Embroidery machine in the textiles room]]
The '''Textiles Workshop''' (AKA '''Craft Room''') is intended for clean crafting, sewing cutting out. It is looked after by the [[Team:Craft & Textiles|Craft & Textiles Team]].
==Tools and equipment==
{{tools}} There are a number of industrial and domestic [[Sewing Machines]] in this area.
{{Paragraph Tool List}}
==Important notes==
'''No glue, sticky stuff or paint'''
The textile workshop operates a clean room philosophy, that is sticky tape, glue and food, anything which will contaminate the surfaces should be regarded as verboten.
If you need to stick stuff, or stick stuff down in order to work on it use the [[Studio]] or [[Workshop]] tables.
{{open}} This area does not require booking and can not be booked.
==Materials and consumables==
There are many materials available for use in the Textiles Workshop. The shelving to the right on the door holds most of this.
==Cleaning and maintenance==
Always leave the area as you would like to find it. Build time into your schedule for cleaning up. The cleaning equipment is located in the [[Toilets]].
Once a month the tools are checked and maintenance carried out as required.
==Problems and issues==
{{quest}} If there is a problem in the Textiles Workshop contact the [[Team:Craft & Textiles|Craft & Textiles Team]]. If a tool is broken or damaged report it to the team.
{{Paragraph Sub Location}}
==See also==
* [[Power]]
* [[Printers]]
{{Location List|category=Craft and textiles}}
[[Category:Craft and textiles]]

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