The 35L Rule

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What - The letter of the rule

  • ONLY members may store projects at the Hackspace
  • Each member may have a 35L Jelly type Box with lid
  • The box is provided by the Hackspace, members do not bring their own 35L box. his is just to make sure they all stack.
  • A member will be considered to have left the space 4 months after no longer paying a membership fee by Standing Order
  • Do Not go through another members box with out their express permission
  • Members who pay £20 or more in membership fees may (for now) buy additional boxes of the same type

Why - The spirit of the rule

  • Hackers are hoarders, by encouraging Hackers to use a limited amount of space Hackers can make wise decisions about what they really want to keep at the space
  • The number of Hackers who use the space is likely to grow exponentially with the size of the space itself so a limit must be imposed.
  • Hackers may increase their membership payments to increase their storage space by negotiation.
  • The Hackspace should not become overrun with parts for projects in progress and "DO NOT HACK" signs for projects that never get started

The two box system

  • There are a couple of large grey boxes in the space, which serve to filter donations. One of these boxes is "active", and all donations should be placed into it.
  • Any member (see rule 1) may take anything from the box and hack it, or put it in their personal 35L box to hack later.
  • When the active box is full, it is closed and the empty box becomes active for new donations.
  • Members may still take stuff out of the closed box, but the contents will be disposed of one month after the close date.
  • The hackspace as a whole may also take things from the box system to be stored for later use
  • Useful items like magnates, motors etc will be filtered into the "Wall O' Boxes" where the Hackspace consumables are kept for later use by members

Bigger Projects

  • Check on the Google Group if it's ok to bring a larger project down
  • the more space you take up the more you should be paying based on Rule 1
  • Michael E is not allowed to bring a UBoat into the Hackspace